• Design

Book designed under the creative direction of YAM112003, celebrating S.Pellegrino 120 year anniversary. The book traces the story of the company since the inception in 1899 to the present days. It displays beautiful and rare visual material form the S.Pellegrino archives mixed with a series of infographics that we created specifically for this project.

Agency: Yam112003
Creative Director: Silvia Messa
Art Director: Elena Pelosi
Book Design: CaroselloLab + Davide Scarpantonio

The visual celebration of an Italian icon.

The rich and complex story of the brand is visualised by a series of infographics that mix data, collage and illustration.

The book is an interactive object that engage the user in unconventional and playful ways.

The design of the book balances the heritage of the company with its innovative attitude.