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OMIS is an Italian company specialized in the production of high quality moulds for the soap industry, both for mass consumption and high-end products. Founded in Gallarate in 1969, in fifty years of activity OMIS worked with the major cosmetic and fashion brands, collaborating with artists and designers. CAROSELLO was asked to work on the company rebranding in close collaboration with managers Gianni and Andrea Piatto. The goal of the project was to give the company a new modern look, to reinforce its presence as leader on the market and help consolidate and expand in foreign countries.  

The identity is based on the concept of EVOLVING SHAPES, to communicate the infinte formal possibilities of OMIS design and production.

The grid-based identity is strong and recognizable both in print and on digital devices, giving the company a consistent image on all media.

For the new website CAROSELLO developed the design, texts, imagery and video to make the information consistent, clear and powerful.