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Cavaliere del Garda is a winery based on the south coast of the Garda Lake, Italy. It produces a selection of refined wines that express the richness and peculiar personality of the Lugana and Valtènesi territories. Cavaliere del Garda is a project by Fabio Contato, known for his long experience and passionate work to develop and spread globally the full potential of the Garda wines. CAROSELLO worked with him to create a distinctive brand identity and packaging design, based on the concept “The Earth, the Man, the Wine”.

For a winery the label works as a logo in itself: this is why we opted for an iconic and radical design.

The concentric squares are an abstract representation of the balance between the territory, the man and the wine.

References to modern art and to the geological characteristics of the Garda territory are at the core of the label design.

The overall brand identity expresses an elegant, timeless, and eccentric personality.