Q8 | Q8 for You

Kuwait Petroleum
Branding, ConceptDigital

Q8 | Q8 for You


Our task was to create a naming, a logo and a in-store & on-line storytelling behind the Q8’s manned filling station.


Naming & Logo: Q8 follows its clients in their journeys,before and after the stop at the gas station. The naming Q8-4U emphasizes the attentions of the brand towards its clients.

Identity & BTL: We designed the logo and identity, shot the adv campaign and created all the BTL materials.

Design & Storytelling:  We created 96 different contents (articles, videos, gifs, etc) to ease people travels, with tips about fitness, makeup, kids games and destinations in Italy. We also designed various gadgets and created an online storytelling related to different categories of drivers. The contents have been delivered through the official website and Facebook page we opened and managed.