Q8 | Q8 for You

Kuwait Petroleum
Branding, ConceptDigital

Q8 | Q8 for You


Our task was to create a naming, a logo and a in-store & on-line storytelling behind the Q8’s manned filling station.


CaroselloLab renewed the image of the Q8 filling station where the service is operated by attendants.

We created a naming for this sub-brand , Q8-4U which emphasize the actions of the brand to the clients in a simple, remarkable way.
We shot the adv campaign and created all the btl and in-store materials.
We also designed various gadgets and created an online storytelling divided into different editorial categories. We developed a website and managed the official Q8 Italia Facebook page for tow years, to distribute a large amount of original contents that we produced in-house. We actually created 100 different articles, containing original videos and illustrations revolving around the brand insight of easing people travels, with tips about things you can do in your car: make up lessons, physical exercises,  games for your kids and travel itineraries.