CAROSELLOlab | A Legendary Horseshoe

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CAROSELLOlab | A Legendary Horseshoe


We are happy to present you the Christmas gift we designed for our clients in 2015. A box full of branded gift to entertain our clients and wish them good luck.


We wanted to create something conceptually related with our identity’s symbols, the carousel, and above all something desirable and surprising, with many things to unwrap and discover.

This project has been featured, among the others, on IDN magazine in July 2016.

Attention for materials and details was very accurate. The premium handcrafted box we designed contains a mouthwatering Domori chocolate horseshoe, plus four cards illustrated by our friend Elisa Seitzinger, about the legend of St.Dunstan & the Devil, and how the horseshoe became a symbol of good luck.



In the 10th century, St. Dunstan, talented smith and musician, was living a quiet life playing his harp at night in Canterbury. Till the Devil came by his door asking for his services. St. Dunstan tricked the Devil, nailing him a hot horseshoe very tightly onto his hoof. The Devil begged him to take it off and St. Dunstan made the Devil promise he would never enter a building that is protected by the sign of a horseshoe.

Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey, Bishop of Worcester, Bishop of London, and Archbishop of Canterbury, later canonised as a saint

Dunstan  |  909 — 19 May 988