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DAC – Designers Against Coronavirus becomes a book and it continues to raise funds to support the Italian Red Cross, still committed to fighting the battle against the virus.
The book contains 272 artworks, 17 interviews with internationally renowned designers and illustrators, two short introductory essays and an encouraging message from the President of the Italian Red Cross, Francesco Rocca.

It will be on sale exclusively on the e-commerce of the Italian Red Cross, to which the entire proceeds of the purchase will be donated in a direct and transparent manner.

In this visual journey that tells a never-before-seen global health and economic crisis, Carosello Lab has collaborated with great partners who have made this book a reality. Thanks go to the Italian Red Cross who financed the printing of the book, Fedrigoni for donating the paper, Luxoro who donated the clichés and foils for the cover, Grafiche Antiga who took care of the printing at reimbursement of expenses and Artalia who offered legal advice on copyrights pro-bono.

Thus was born a story of solidarity and collaboration, a spark of hope, made possible by all those who believed in this project.

A special thanks to Fiorella Bulegato and Alberto Bassi, design historians at Iuav University of Venice for contributing with the short essay Towards adaptive design. Thanks to our friend Lorenzo Gerbi, curator and design studio manager at Baltan Laboratories (NL), for his short essay Brief: Covid-19.

Enrico Caputo, Carosello Lab creative director and creator/curator of DAC, with Stefano Tenaglia, our partner at the printing company Grafiche Antiga.

Kim Costantino, designer and art director at Carosello Lab and DAC, with Enrico Caputo, holding a prototype of the book cover.