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Bread is having bad reputation lately. Red meat was banned in the ’80s, cholesterol in the ‘90s, eggs in 2000. Now it’s carbohydrates. In The Omnivore’s Dilemma – a book from 2006, but still relevant – Michael Pollan encourages us to take these trends with skepticism. Creating insecurity in consumers’ food choices is a great way to manipulate them, especially for people with relatively recent or rapidly changing food traditions.

CAROSELLO designer and art director Kim Costantino was born in a French-Italian family: a Provençal mother, a Sicilian father. He grew up with what is known as the Mediterranean diet, which is based on cereals, vegetables, fish and oil – very simple ingredients, simply cooked. The people of the Mediterranean area have been eating this way for thousands of years For centuries, bread has been synonymous with food.

These images are a tribute to bread, its goodness and its beauty; its consistency and its colors. From a culture of food and pleasure, something simple and well crafted.

The bread portrayed here comes from Crosta, one of the best Italian bakeries according to Gambero Rosso.

Photo by Enrico Caputo.