• Interview
Iridiana is the one who writes stuff. Grown up between videogames and books, now she loves binge-watching TV shows and adv commercials too.

What is the last story you told someone?

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a big dream. Oh, not to become an actress, bigger. Not to explore the universe, even bigger! President of USA? Come on! BIGGER! She dreamed to find happiness and the meaning of life: she wanted to make chocolate. (spoiler alert -now she is a copywriter-).

A copywriter in a design-oriented agency?

If you’re thinking what I’m imagining: no, I wasn’t hired to make coffee. In fact, the design doesn’t mean “make something beautiful to see”, not only at least. Behind every single line that needs to describe or say something about a brand, there’s a strong strategy that must be connected with all other communication aspects. So, verbal identity is essential to create a meaningful dialogue with real people, and a branding (or rebranding) isn’t complete without it.

What is an inspiration to you and where do you find it?

Beautifully stupid things. I believe a bit of genius is needed to create them. Where I can find them? Everywhere, but internet helps a lot.

In your opinion, Is the process more important than the outcome?

I think they are connected. But there’s a little difference: if the outcome is right and breathtaking, also the process had to be so. Not the other way.

Was there any project that particularly influenced you?

I like challenges, so the projects that influence me the most are always those where I don’t even know how to start. When I was 17, I was asked to illustrate a book. This is not my field. So I had to go beyond my skills. Now going for the unexpected and dealing with new challenges is what I do every day and that’s why I really love my job.

How do you think the design field will look like in 2045? and in 2085?

I believe in an eternal return, but never the same. In fact, I think that in history both design and copywriting have been cyclical repeated, but implementing and merging with new contexts. And in 2045 or in 2085? I think that technological development will shape, above all in the methods and places of fruition, the communication that will remain still in the essence, close to the human spirit.

How would you solve problems if you were from Mars? Would it be different?

Due to the different gravity, surely not by force.

What is your favourite place at this moment in Milan?

Everywhere there’s air conditioning.

Let’s talk about CAROSELLO. Why in the first instance you got interested and wanted to work there?

A small team means never being on the sidelines. Always different works mean never doing the same thing twice. Awesome crafting means never stopping learning something new. It was a ride I was willing to take!

Tell us something about your daily life at the studio, what so you like the most?

The nonsense moments. I wish I could tell you some of them, but they’re a secret well kept.

In a small studio everyone should be irreplaceable. What do you think is your uniqueness?

I’m the nerdy side of the studio. So, if you’ll need to know what’s going on in the mind of a 16-years-old gamer… don’t ask me, because I’ll be busy playing too.

Five first words that come to mind?

Sleep coffee coffee coffee dreamer.