The Braid: Sport at the Service of Humanity

How we built a brand from scratches


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24 May 2017
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Last year CaroselloLab has been asked by the Vatican and a group of stakeholders to support them in the creative process behind a new brand, Sport at the Service of Humanity. Our main task was to create a strong brand framework, starting from skratches. We came up with a creative concept called The Braid, from which we developed the logo and all the communication pieces (check the full project here).

In this post we would like to showcase our process in thinking and creating logos and brand identities. The images speak themselves.

The goal was to create a strong brand framework to support the conference and lay the groundwork for the Movement ignited by the conference. We

The Final Logo.

As a result the Sport at the Service of Humanity logo shows how the 6 principles work together, bringing a real change. The tone of voice is simple, positive and joyful and it does not refer to Christianity or any other religion. The braid concept is adopted also in the palette (made of gradients instead of flat colors) and the font (unicase). This visual system allowed us to create a strong and distinctive brand identity. CaroselloLab also designed the Humanity Sports Club sub-brand, strategically alligned with SSH master-brand (principles, tone, cross cultural) but with a strong stand alone imagery for commercial applications.

Above, pieces from the identity we designed. Below, the video we created to introduce the 6 principles to the audience.

A huge thank you to Mons.Melchor (at the Vatican), Nick Marrone (at Marrone & Associates Inc.) & Malu Marella (at Lang Marketing) for making this happen.

We’d be happy if you visit the full project on our website (link here).

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